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Welcome to sourcehut! You can access each of the main services from the links in the navigation at the top of the site. You're currently on, which hosts the user manual and provides wikis for projects hosted here.

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New here? We have some great tutorials to introduce you to the site.

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General documentation

Information on billing, terms of service, privacy policy, and so on.

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Getting help

Need support? There are several resources available to you.

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Developers & admins

Hacking on or deploying sourcehut yourself? Resources here.

Getting started
Notice: documentation is a work in progress, and is incomplete in many places.

News & Updates

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User ManualAPI Reference mercurial hosting
User Manual build service
User ManualAPI Reference bug tracking
User ManualAPI Reference mailing lists
User ManualAPI Reference manual & wikis
User Manual task automation
User Manual account & security
User ManualAPI Reference ad-hoc text file hosting
User ManualAPI Reference