chat.sr.ht provides real-time chat services to sourcehut users based on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol. In technical terms, chat.sr.ht essentially provides a hosted IRC bouncer.

NOTICE: chat.sr.ht is presently only available for users with a paid sourcehut account. You can set up billing on meta.sr.ht.

SourceHut does not operate an IRC network. We recommend Libera Chat, an independently operated, third-party network, which chat.sr.ht is configured to use by default. Please review the Libera Chat Network policies for details on appropriate network usage.

#chat.sr.ht documentation

To start using chat.sr.ht, simply visit chat.sr.ht in your web browser and log in with your SourceHut credentials. Read the instructions on-screen to get started.

We have a few additional guides for different audiences:

#chat.sr.ht software

chat.sr.ht is based on the soju IRC bouncer and the gamja webchat client. Our downstream patches, if any, are kept in the "srht" branch of each.

#Official IRC channels and support

SourceHut operates a number of official IRC channels on libera.chat where you can get support for sr.ht issues or socialize with other SourceHut users. You can join them with the /join <channel> command, or, if you have configured the chat.sr.ht irc:// handler, click the link.

  • #sr.ht: on-topic sourcehut support and development channel, including for technical issues related to chat.sr.ht's webchat and bouncer service
  • #sr.ht.watercooler: off-topic channel for discussing sourcehut-adjacent topics with the sourcehut community
  • #sr.ht.ops: read-only technical operations & monitoring channel
  • #libera: official Libera network support, for issues with channel management, NickServ account maintenance, and moderation and spam concerns. This channel is not officially affiliated with SourceHut.

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