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dispatch.sr.ht is a service on sr.ht that can be used to automate tasks in response to various events. It's often used, for example, to automate the submission of builds.sr.ht jobs in response to, for example, git commits. It's designed to support many other automations as well.


On the dashboard we see a searchable list of your configured tasks. Clicking each task will take you to a settings page. On the left is the Configure new task button, used for that purpose.

Configuring new tasks

The list of available tasks is shown on the task configuration page. Select a task to configure it, and you will be taken to a task-specific configuration page. Documentation for each task is available on these pages.

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Author: Drew DeVault <sir@cmpwn.com>
Date:   2019-05-16T14:38:47

Fix old references to git-srht-* binaries
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