hg.sr.ht is a service for hosting mercurial repositories on sr.ht.

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Important: hg.sr.ht is a work in progress. As a consequence, URLs of specific files, commits, branches, etc in the repository viewer are NOT guaranteed to remain consistent forever. When we finish writing our new repository viewer, these will change.

New to mercurial?

Learning how to use mercurial in general is out of the scope of our documentation. Here are some good resources:

We do have some general resources for helping you use mercurial with sr.ht:

SSH host keys

If you are cloning via ssh, these lines should be added to ~/.ssh/known_hosts.

hg.sr.ht ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQC3JDm3Ld1HNWuc+Z7KOgqboF5PVWqxRpTYHf0Lu3s4EVnCI8VlemCE7dcrfr5wffND/izSkxCf+RSWseT7oRY3Nz5VKVoAXE50Z5z+ASEeKQ5sevXCo5Rn7827Co4//J/iIWbRSbKpFR1GnhBzbNvbA5jBWP3oK6+1oqXIrgKS0i5tFk5pMBBGkOi1l6L9FxdMRe1pvx7ZkXXrSsb8uVdBD4bz9WiNKbL4qdDchL3vjMNOhdgBwBIQIg/hk4gyJfbIW/qNhZfSiwrFBekLI88tao72PycZebCSMR/YRX4OZr//5L4KNwLV81AhLQuiWRyEucw9uS/lv3gKBCaVOSoH
hg.sr.ht ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 AAAAE2VjZHNhLXNoYTItbmlzdHAyNTYAAAAIbmlzdHAyNTYAAABBBL4aNGa+KnvMA0QoWrIVuI2QBU0Q/xX48sMBl3VtP/zPOGMvS50zGVMaA00RSzfcI2X0v/aUTsVm2vBNo/V1gTg=
hg.sr.ht ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAIAIcGGJcZHhcKBbsdaG+MwqZAarpJI+6nahwPaA1GK34

Acceptable resource usage

The guidelines on resource usage are somewhat flexible. Here are some tips:

  • As an approximation, aim to have repos no larger than the Linux kernel git repo, which is 3.5 GiB.
  • Don't store lots of large binary objects in your repository, such as images, audio, or video. A couple of small binary files (such as your logo or a screenshot) is fine.

If in doubt, you're probably fine. We monitor resource usage and we'll send you a friendly email if we notice that you're using too much.

hg.sr.ht manual

The following sections document various features of hg.sr.ht.

Repository creation

Creating new repositories is done on the create page, which you can access from any page via the navigation on the top right. You can also create a new repository by pushing to one that does not yet exist, and clicking the link which is printed in the hg push output to complete the creation process.

The name and description fields are used to describe your repository to the public. The visibility field will change how your repository is shown on the website. Public repositories are visible on your profile, to anonymous users, and on third-party search engines. Unlisted repositories are visible to anyone who has the link, but are not shown in your profile or in search results. Private repositories are only visible to you and other logged-in users who you explicitly grant access to.


Each repository's settings may be accessed via the settings link on the repository's detail page.


You can change the repository's visibility and description on this page. Click "Rename?" if you wish to rename your repository. Renaming your repository sets up a redirect from the previous name to the new.


The access page allows you to grant other users read or write access to your repository. Users with read access will be able to clone and view private repositories on the web, and users with write access will be able to push new to your repository. Users with write access will not be able to edit your repository's settings.


You can delete your repository from this page. This operation cannot be undone. This does not delete any other resources that may be associated with this project, such as a ticket tracker on todo.sr.ht or build history on builds.sr.ht.


Your public profile is available at hg.sr.ht/~username. Here any public repositories on your account are listed and searchable, but unlisted and private repositories are hidden unless you're logged in.

The information displayed on your profile page is sourced from your meta.sr.ht profile.

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