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Email controls

You may subscribe to any list by emailing user/ You may unsubscribe with +unsubscribe. You may post new threads to this list by writing to the address with no + command.


Your dashboard shows you recent emails on mailing lists you're subscribed to. You can reply to one by clicking the author's name, or view the thread by clicking the subject.


Your public profile page shows a feed of emails authored by you, as well as a list of mailing lists you administrate. Like the dashboard, emails can be replied to by clicking the authors name and you can view the thread by clicking the subject.


Each list shows a list of archives, sorted by which has seen the most recent activity. In each thread's heading, you can see the number of participants, number of replies, and subject of the initial message. Click the subject to see the full thread.


Email threads can become trees as participants reply to different messages. In the simple case of a linear thread, you will see replies written linearly. However, if a thread becomes split, you may see several linear trees of discussion form.

To reply to a message, click the author's email address.

List Administration

List access controls are available on your list settings, which can be accessed with the List settings button on the list archive. The controls are fine-grained enough to support many access scenarios, here are some examples:

Announcement lists

A list that only you can write to is useful for announcements. Remove all user's post and reply permissions to prevent them from submitting - owners are always able to post. You can optionally leave the reply permission enabled to allow people to respond to announcements, but be aware that their responses will be sent out to all subscribers, which is usually undesirable for low-volume announcement lists.

Write-only security lists

If you want a mailing list where people can write to you about security vulnerabilities in your software, you can remove the browse permission without removing the post or reply permissions from the list. This will allow people to send emails to the list, but not view the archives or subscribe.

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