There are two current approaches to maintaining TLS certificates:

  1. uacme
  2. tlstunnel

Presently the latter is only used for


The configuration we use for uacme is a fucking nightmare, but it does work and is pretty reliable. In the future it might be nice to switch to tlstunnel for everything or at least put some more work into the uacme setup.

Set up

We have a bunch of shell commands that sets up uacme on a server:

doas apk add uacme openssl moreutils
doas useradd -md /var/lib/acme -s /sbin/nologin acme
doas mkdir -p /etc/ssl/uacme/private /var/www/.well-known/acme-challenge
doas chown acme:acme /etc/ssl/uacme /etc/ssl/uacme/private
doas chmod g+rX /etc/ssl/uacme /etc/ssl/uacme/private
doas chown acme:acme /var/www/.well-known/acme-challenge
doas touch /var/log/acme.log
doas chown acme:acme /var/log/acme.log
doas vim /usr/local/bin/acme-update-certs

Contents of acme-update-certs, edit as necessary:

exec >>/var/log/acme.log 2>&1

stats() {
    if ! [ -e "$cert" ]
    expiration=$(date -d"$(openssl x509 -enddate -noout -in "$cert" \
        | cut -d= -f2)" -D'%b %d %H:%M:%S %Y GMT' +'%s')
    printf '# TYPE certificate_expiration gauge\n'
    printf '# HELP certificate_expiration Timestamp when SSL certificate will expire\n'
    printf 'certificate_expiration{instance="%s"} %s\n' "$1" "$expiration"

acme() {
    /usr/bin/uacme -v -h /usr/share/uacme/ issue $site $* || true
    stats $site | curl --data-binary @-$site

doas nginx -s reload
doas chmod +x /usr/local/bin/acme-update-certs
doas usermod -aG acme nginx
doas -u acme uacme new
doas -u acme crontab -e

Contents of crontab:
0 0 * * * chronic /usr/local/bin/acme-update-certs

Then update the nginx configuration, commenting out the includes for port443.conf and *-ssl.conf.

doas -u acme /usr/local/bin/acme-update-certs
cat /var/log/acme.log

Verify that acme.log looks okay, then uncomment the relevant parts of the nginx configuration.

doas chmod -R g+rX /etc/ssl/uacme /etc/ssl/uacme/private
doas nginx -s reload
# verify TLS configuration

Note: wildcard certificates are possible with uacme, but it's a bloody nightmare so if you want this it's best to go with tlstunnel instead.


TLS certificate expiration and renewal is monitored by

The acme update script pushes the expiration date to whenever the cronjob runs. If any certificate's expiration date falls below 1 week, the "SSL expiration" alarm is raised.


tlstunnel automatically adds zero-configuration TLS to arbitrary TCP sockets using SNI and the PROXY protocol. It is currently used for


Presently none; see

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