kiln is a simple static site generator for Gemini sites.

  • Simple and fast
  • Gemini support
  • Go templates
  • Export to HTML
  • Generate Atom feeds
go install

To export to HTML, use the -html flag.

To generate Atom feeds, use the -atom flag.

#Directory Structure

A kiln site is organized in the following way:

src/           Site source
templates/     Templates
    page.gmi   Page template
    index.gmi  Directory index template
dst/           Site destination
dst.html/      Site HTML destination

Running kiln takes the contents in src, runs them through the templates in templates, and writes the result to dst.

If the -html flag is provided, kiln will also export the Gemini content as HTML and output it to dst.html. The generated HTML will look like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,initial-scale=1">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/style.css">
<title><!-- Page title --></title>

<!-- Page content -->

Every page and directory in the site is assigned a permalink. Permalinks are absolute and point to the destination file.


file:      src/posts/2020-09-22-hello-world.gmi
permalink: /posts/hello-world/

directory: src/posts/
permalink: /posts/

Pages and directory index files are written to {{ .Permalink }}/index.gmi.


Templates are located in the templates directory. These are the supported templates:

  • page.gmi: The template used for pages
  • index.gmi: The template used for directory index files
  • atom.xml: The template used when generating Atom feeds
#Page templates

Page templates are provided with the following information:

  • Title: The title parsed from the first heading in the file
  • Date: The date parsed from the filename
  • Permalink: Permalink to the page
  • Content: The contents of the page (excluding the title)

Pages can specify dates in their filenames. kiln will recognize the date and remove it from the permalink. See Permalinks for an example.

Pages can also specify titles in their content. kiln will parse and remove the title from the content. Example:

$ cat src/hello-world.gmi
# Hello, world!

This is some content.

$ cat templates/page.gmi
Title: {{ .Title }}
{{ .Content }}

$ cat dst/hello-world.gmi
Title: Hello, world!
This is some content.
#Directory index templates

Directory index templates are provided with the following information:

  • Permalink: Permalink to the directory
  • Pages: The pages in this directory
  • Directories: The subdirectories of this directory

Directory index templates are written to index.gmi in the corresponding directory.


$ ls src/posts/

$ cat templates/index.gmi
{{ range .Pages }}=> {{ .Permalink }}
{{ end }}

$ cat dst/posts/index.gmi
=> /posts/post-1/
=> /posts/post-2/

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