This is a library of ANSI escape sequences.

use Terminal::ANSI;



sub scroll($row,$col = 1, $height = 7) {
  print-at $row,$col, "━" x 20;
  print-at $row + $height,$col, "━" x 20;
  my $on = $row;
  for 20000, 19999 ... 0 {
    atomically {
      set-scroll-region($row + 1,$row + $height - 1);
      scroll-up if $on >= $row + $height - 1;
      print-at ++$on min $row + $height - 1, $col, "counting down..$_";

my $p1 = start scroll(2);
my $p2 = start scroll(12,10,10);
my $p3 = start scroll(24);
await Promise.allof($p1,$p2,$p3);
sleep 1;


See the eg/ directory for more examples.


The functions in this module print ANSI escape sequences to stdout. There are functions for cursor movement, scroll regions, colors, and other screen functionality. There aren't functions for any of the esoteric escape codes.

The atomically function suppresses printing, and instead concatenates the output and emits the entire line at the end. This is helpful for multi-threaded situations, where the output of several functions needs to be in one piece.

There is also an OO interface, as well as a virtual screen, to mock emitting of escape codes (useful for testing).


Feel free to email bug reports to the author, or you can file a ticket at



Brian Duggan (bduggan at matatu.org)

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