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Terminal::ANSI::OO -- Object-oriented interface to Terminal::ANSI

use Terminal::ANSI::OO :t;

put t.clear-screen;
put t.red ~ "red" ~ t.text-reset;
put t.bright-blue ~ "bright blue" ~ t.text-reset;
put t.color(1) ~ 'color 1';
put t.color(0,0,255) ~ 'blue';
put t.bg-color(255,0,0) ~ 'red bg';

Terminal::ANSI::OO provides an OO interface to Terminal::ANSI. An object can return all of the escape codes, rather then printing them to stdout. Passing ":t" will create and store such an object in the "t" variable.

All of the functions in Terminal::ANSI are available as methods, as well as t.$color, t.bright-$color, and t.bg-$color, where $color is one of: black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, or white.

Also t.color(N) and t.bg-color(N) (where N is between 0 and 255), will return the escape code for changing to color N.

Also t.color(R,G,B) and t.bg-color(R,G,B) (where R,G,B are between 0 and 255), will return the escape code for changing to rgb color R,G,B.

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- Replaces references to .reset-text with .text-reset in the docs

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