Script to convert an online article into an audio file and add it to a podcast feed. It utilizes Google Cloud to create the audio file.



You need to have Google Cloud set up. Unfortunately, I don't remember all the steps I did for this. Ultimately you'll need a JSON file that has all your credentials - I believe the Google Cloud's CLI will create it for you on demand.

You also need a place to host your podcast's XML file. It should be accessible via SFTP.

Create an audio directory in the same directory as this script.

You need the following files:

  • texttospeech.json: This has your Google Cloud credentials.
  • config.py: Copy config_example.py and populate it.


usage: gcloud-tts.py [-h] [-u URL] [-r] [-s]

Convert an article into an audio entry for a podcast.

  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  -u URL, --url URL
  -r, --readability  Get text only. No uploading.
  -s, --sftp         Upload to FTP server

For a typical run, it will be:

python gcloud-tts.py -u https://paulgraham.com/hwh.html -s

You do not need to be in the script's directory to run it.

#How It Works

shot-scraper is used to extract the text of the file, which is then sent to Google Cloud to convert into audio. The feed's XML file is updated to point to that file.

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