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  1. ACRA support

Bugs must be reported to the husky-devel mailist. Before sending any emails, please search in the mailist for bugs already reported.

If you need help to compose the report, a template is provided to help you add all the information needed. You can take a look at email template.

NOTE: I never ask for the email or the password of the account. If anyone asks you for that information, do not give it away!.

#ACRA support

Since the 1.1.0-beta1 release, Husky has ACRA support integrated. This is an opt-in feature, you must enable it in the Preferences view.

ACRA will only report crashes not controlled within the application. You can see in the code the parameteres sent in the crash looking at TuskyApplication.kt#132-138. Husky only collects the minimum information required to have enough context of the crash.

Emails will be sent to husky (at) nixnetmail (dot) com. Personal information will not be made public, only the body of the email (if it contains something useful, i.e. how to reproduce a crash) and the file attached to the email with the report (only the Android version, app version and the stacktrace to locate the crash and fix the bug).

If the stacktrace contains any trace of personal information whatsoever, it will be redacted before adding it in an issue.

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