This page contains all the necessary information for building Husky yourself.

#Read before continuing with the guide

As I mentioned a lot of times the application will suffer a refactor. Therefore, tests are going to fail and will be re-done.

Please, do not use the build Gradle task because it will fail.

#Android SDK

You will need to setup the Android SDK before compiling this.

Bear in mind that you will need the build-tools version 30.0.3.


There are two flavors:

  • huskyBeta: flavor for beta releases.
  • huskyStable: flavor for stable releases.

The old naming of the flavors did not make any sense, so I changed it.

All the builds will generate unsigned APKs. You must sign the generated APK before installing it in any phone.

#Structure of the project

The project now resides in its own folder. Please change your CI/CD script/recipe/configuration to navigate inside the husky folder before executing any gradle task.

#Assembling beta releases

To assemble a beta APK:

$ ./gradlew assembleHuskyBeta --rerun-tasks

The release APK will be called app-husky-beta-release-unsigned.apk.

#Assembling stable releases

To assemble a stable APK:

$ ./gradlew assembleHuskyStable --rerun-tasks

The release APK will be called app-husky-stable-release-unsigned.apk.

#Signing the APK

Put in the $PATH variable the build-tools folder.

$ apksigner sign --ks <KEYSTORE> --ks-key-alias <ALIAS> --ks-pass <KEYSTORE_PASS> --key-pass <KEY_PASS> --in <UNSIGNED_APK> --out <SIGNED_APK>


  • <KEYSTORE>: Name of the keystore (i.e.: android.keystore).
  • <ALIAS>: Alias of the key (i.e.: androiddebugkey).
  • <KEYSTORE_PASS>: Password of the keystore (i.e.: "pass:android"). Change what is before the : symbol.
  • <KEY_PASS>: Password of the key (i.e.: "pass:android"). Change what is before the : symbol.
  • <UNSIGNED_APK>: The APK you want to sign. I recommend to execute a find command to look for the APK file (i.e.: $(find -name "*-unsigned.apk")).
  • <SIGNED_APK>: The name of the APK signed (i.e.: husky-beta.apk).

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