This project will be managed with the same workflow as the rest or Sourcehut's projects: using patches.

Therefore, in order to contribute to the project, you must setup git to send patches to the mailists.

Please keep reading to start hacking into the Husky project.

#Privacy policy

The emails sent to any mailist of the project will be public. Therefore, when you send a patchset or a bug report, the email you use will be seen by everyone subscribed to the mailists and also to whoever accesses them.

The only emails that will be deleted from the mailist will be those not related to the project whatsoever. Emails that were sent to contribute to a discussion of something will be kept since they provide part of the whole context of the discussion.

You also have an email address at your disposal in case you do not want to expose your email to the public. If you have something to report or send, please use the address husky (at) nixnetmail (dot) com. Please, use plain-text email. HTML emails will be deleted. More information in the next section.

#Sending emails

Emails will be only admited if sent as plain text. HTML emails are automatically rejected and do not even reach the mailist.

Please follow the recommendations at useplaintext.email.

It is encouraged to wrap emails at 72 chars (see Wrapping your text at useplaintext.email/#etiquette).

#Setting up git

If this is your first time, I cannot recommend enough git-send-email.io to learn how to send patches using git + email if you never did.

After following the tutorial you will have a basic setup, which is enough to contribute to a project.

However, there are a requirement for patches being acepted: setting up the subject prefix of the email. This is made using this for each repository (so the configuration is local and not every email is sent with PATCH foorbar).

For each project you must execute this:

git config format.subjectPrefix "PATCH repository_name"

Where repository_name is the name of the repository you are working on.

For example, if you want to contribute to the application (its repository is named husky), first you have to execute inside your local copy:

git config format.subjectPrefix "PATCH husky"

And then you can send the patchset you want to.

Patches sent without this will be automatically rejected.


The project has two main mailists.

If you are not a Sourcehut user, please follow lists.sr.ht email control doc. to subscribe to the mailists.


This list will be only to announce releases of the project or important news. It will not be open to the public to send any emails. However, if you are a user of the application, I recommend to subscribe, even if you are not a Sourcehut user.

You can access to the list at lists.sr.ht/~captainepoch/husky-announce.


This list will be used for open discussion about issues and patchsets hackers send.

Anyone can send an email to this mailist. The discussions aim to be serious. Please restrain from sending spam not about the project.

You can access to the list at lists.sr.ht/~captainepoch/husky-devel.

Patches must contain a brief comment about what it does, and if necessary, a larger explanation along in the patch or in the email.

#Bug reports and TODOs

For reporting bugs and see the TODOs in the project, you can take a look at the tracker.

If you send a patch to the husky-devel mailist, please follow the instructions above and also indicate in the commit which bug/TODO you fixed/made, so it can be closed, otherwise the patchset will be discarded.

#How to report bugs

Bugs must be reported to the husky-devel mailist. Before sending any emails, please search in the mailist for bugs already reported. Repeated bugs might get ignored in favor of the same bug already reported.

Please follow the template provided at email template for a base to report a bug. All that information can help the developers to reproduce the bug as close as you encountered.

NOTE: We never ask for the email or the password of the account. If anyone asks you for that information, do not give it away!.

#ACRA support

Since Husky 1.1.0-beta1 has ACRA support. This is an opt-in feature, you must enable it in the Preferences view.

ACRA will only report crashes not controlled whithin the application. You can see in the code the parameteres sent in the crash looking at TuskyApplication.kt#132-138.

Emails will be sent to husky (at) nixnetmail (dot) com. Personal information will not be made public, only the body of the email (if it contains something useful, i.e. how to reproduce a crash) and the file attached to the email with the report (only Android version, app version and the stacktrace to locate the crash and fix the bug).

#Security issues

If you find any security issues in any project related to Husky, please send an email to me (epoch (at) nixnetmail (dot) com) providing as much information and context as possible (maybe the bug reporting email template) can be of help here.

After the fix is pushed into the repository, a version will be released and an email will be sent explaining the bug and the fix to the husky-announce mailist.

It would be nice if you send also a patchset fixing the issue. And, of course, all credit goes to you!

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