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Under the Law for a Digital Republic of October 7, 2016, source codes are administrative documents that are communicable and reusable. In the case where it is possible to choose an Open Source license, the decree n ° 2017-638 of April 27, 2017 specifies the families of licenses that can be used. The detailed list of the licenses and their versions are available on the website data.gouv.fr.

The objectives of this interdepartmental Open Source contribution policy are:

  • set the rules and principles for opening source codes
  • support the ministries and share good practices
  • define the governance.

This document is intended for developers or their managers, whether they are public servants (officials or contractual) or service providers.


This contribution policy applies to the state's information and communication system in accordance with Article 1 of Decree No. 2014-879 of 1 August 2014. Each state administration has the opportunity to instantiate its own contribution policy to clarify and amend it.

Source codes covered by this policy are the ones:

  • developed internally by the administration
  • developed on behalf of the administration.

This contribution policy aims at new developments. For the opening of existing source codes, additional actions will be needed, such as defining the scope, reviewing quality and security, and ensuring compliance specifically on intellectual property.

Public hospital and local governments are outside the scope of this contribution policy.

#Document structure

The contribution policy is composed of:

#Responsibility of the document

The DINUM produces and maintains this document; it ensures its implementation and the associated support. For any questions, or requests for changes, please refer to the Governance section.

This document is published under the Open License 2.0

#External references

This document was developed thanks to the many works below:

Work is also underway by the Government of Canada: https://github.com/canada-ca/Open_First_Whitepaper

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