To publish its source code, each French public agency can pick up one of the options listed in the open source contribution policy for the public sector, published in May 2018 and that will be updated in 2022.

These figures from code.gouv.fr are telling: most agencies choose to publish on GitHub. Many others use GitLab, either via gitlab.com or via a local instance.

At Etalab, the Free Software unit publishes most of its source code on SourceHut. Why?

As shown in this list, Etalab has long been committed to using free software: it's mainly this commitment that decided the Free Software unit to use SourceHut to publish most of its source code. It's also to demonstrate that there are other forges than the ones usually considered, by default or by habit, and thus encourage each agency to motivate its choice for a forge.

Here are the detailed reasons that guided our choice:

  • Sourcehut is entirely free software.

  • Among forges which source code is 100% free software, SourceHut is the only one to propose both continuous integration and mailing lists.

  • If you want to contribute to a project, you don't need to create an account on SourceHut: an email address is enough to send patches and to share ideas.

  • SourceHut doesn't collect any data from its users.

This choice is not intended to be imposed on other administrations, not even to all of our projects, because contributing via SourceHut may require an effort to adapt. But it reflects the principles we stick to and we hope it will allow you to discover this forge.

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