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OpenVAF is a Verilog-A compiler that can be used to compiler Verilog-A compact models into machine code. The compiler is not an executable by itself and servers as the main component of other sub-projects such as

  • VerilogAE: An interface between Python and Verilog-A compact models (finished)
  • OSDIC: An interface between Verilog-A compact models and circuit simulators (under development)

The aim of OpenVAF is to provide a high-quality standard compliant compiler for Verilog-A. Furthermore, OpenVAF brings modern compiler construction algorithms/data structures to a field with a serious lack of such tooling.

Some highlights of OpenVAF include:

  • IDE aware design
  • High-quality diagnostic messages
  • A linting framework (similar to rustc)
  • A modular backend including data flow analysis and various state of the art compiler optimization algorithms
  • Fast binary generation using LLVM
  • A robust auto differentiation implementation

#Technical Documentation

A detailed description of the parts of the Verilog-A language that are supported by OpenVAF can be found here

#News & Updates

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Interested in joining development or have technical questions/suggestions? Simply reach out to the developer mailing list. You can either use the web interface or write a mail to ~dspom/openvaf-devel@lists.sr.ht. For those interested the source code is hosted here. Patches for this project are accepted from the developer mailing list (listed above) or as a pull request in gitlab. For help sending patches to this list, please consult git-send-email.io.

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