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install.md: add note about -H windowsgui for avoiding the Windows console

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What is the difference between Gio and Gomobile?

Go Mobile produces either standalone programs (gomobile build) or libraries suitable for calling from Java or Objective-C/Swift (gomobile bind).

gomobile build is similar to using the gioui.org/ui/app package and the gioui.org/cmd/gio tool to produce an Android or iOS app. The difference is the abstraction level: gomobile build programs have access to a raw OpenGL ES context while the Gio app package exposes a higher level drawing interface. Gomobile programs also don't have any GUI packages available.

gomobile bind exports a set of Go packages for convenient access from Java or Objective-C/Swift code. There is no counterpart in Gio, and could be used for interfacing with native code from Gio programs.