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Aati is a Cross-platform Package Manager written in Rust. The Aati Package Manager focuses on providing a Simple, Efficient and Performant interface for installing, managing and removing packages. Aati is not made (but can be forked) to be a system-wide package manager like Pacman or APT but rather a user-specific package manager. Aati supports multiple operating systems including Linux, Windows, Android (on Termux) and more.

Aati also has its own Packaging System revolving around PKGFILEs, that are files describing the installation and removal process of packages in a custom TOML-like language, which is a concept somewhat similar to the Arch Build System's PKGBUILDs. The Aati Package Manager recognises files ending with .tar.lz4 as package distributions that can be installed, either from an online package repository or from the local filesystem.

I hope you're excited to learn more about Aati! If so, install the Rust Programming Language, then get Aati up and running on your system by running:

cargo install aati

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