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commit c7aa8adde209af4256caa44eb0a930f96d40d5ef
Author: Hristos N. Triantafillou <me@hristos.triantafillou.us>
Date:   2019-11-25T12:46:48-06:00

Put the "Contributing" section at the top, mention the dev branch

The way things were before, it wasn't very clear that the "dev" branch
is what someone would want to work off of (need to even).

Moving the "Contributing" section to the top, and adding specific
wording about "dev", will help make this more clear.

I've also swapped out the git-send-email.io link for a direct link to
the new "make a patch" link on sourcehut, and removed the bit about
the git book (out of scope for the document anyways).
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