Each configuration file option for MousikóFídi is explained below:

  • cover_art: Boolean. Enable or disable support for showing cover art. Default: true

      # Enable cover art
      cover_art: true
      # Any value other than 'true' will disable cover art:
      cover_art: ohHello
  • favicon_path: String. Path or URL for a favicon.

      # Just use the default
      favicon_path: /fidi.png
      # Some other URL
      favicon_path: https://myfavicondomain.tld/some-image.png
  • holidays: Boolean. Enable or disable the usage of specially-themed logos in the user interface. Default: true

      # Enable holidays
      holidays: true
      # Any value other than 'true' will disable holidays:
      holidays: blazin
  • icons: Boolean. Enable or disable the usage of icons in the user interface.

      # Enable icons
      icons: true
      # Any value other than 'true' will disable icons:
      icons: enchilada
  • logo_path: String. Path or URL for a logo image.

      # Just use the default
      logo_path: /fidi.png
      # Some other URL
      logo_path: https://mylogodomain.tld/logo.png
  • music_dirs: Array of strings. Each string should be a full path to a music directory. Ensure the fidi user can read these paths.

        - /home/hristos/music/flac
        - /home/hristos/music/mp3
        - /home/hristos/music/ogg
        - /home/hristos/video/mp4
        - /home/hristos/video/webm
  • playlist.allow_delete: Boolean. Enable or disable deletion of playlist files. Default: false

      # Enable deletion of playlist files
        allow_delete: true
  • playlist.dir: String. A full path to a playlist directory.

        dir: /home/hristos/music/playlists
  • playlist.save: Boolean. Can playlists be saved or not. Omitting this value from your config file disables it. Default: true

      # Allow saving:
        save: true
      # Any value other than 'true' will disable saving:
        save: taco
  • secret_key: String. This should be a long, secure string to be used for generating secure cookies (used by the "Queue" feature).
    • One can be generated with this command: python3 -c 'import os;print(os.urandom(24))'

        secret_key: b'\xb7(\xa0\x9f>\x7f6\xc8\x9b\x1d\xfe\xcd\x0c\x0c\x06b\xaer\xa6\x11J\xa3\xa8g'
  • site_name: String. The "site name" as shown in the header and elsewhere.

      # Just use the default
      site_name: MousikóFídi - Your Music Cloud
      # Use a custom name
      site_name: My Cool Fidi Instance!
  • theme: String. Choose from dark, light, nes, terminal, terminal-green, terminal-solarized , or supply your own stylesheet URL to provide a custom theme. This sets the default theme. Terminal themes by ogenfald.

      # Default to the dark theme...
      theme: dark
      # The light theme...
      theme: light
      # The the "NES" theme...
      theme: nes
      # The the "Terminal" theme...
      theme: terminal
      # Or, supply your own stylesheet:
      theme: https://mycssdomain.tld/my-style.css

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