This project represents an attempt at creating a link aggregator service and discussion platform. It is modelled after (old)Reddit, HackerNews, and Lobste.rs trying to keep and combine their good parts and overlaying them on top of the federated social networking protocol called ActivityPub.

It targets small to medium communities which focus on a narrow topic of discussion.

At the same it allows reaching the "network effect" through the ability of federating with other services that compose the rest of the Fediverse.

The community can be built using an invitation based model, where a user shares the responsibility for moderating the other accounts they invited to the service. The moderation actions are kept public and presented in an anonymized layout.

For a more in depth explanation see the details page, or the slightly more technical concepts page.


See the FAQ for details about some of the decisions made about the project.


See the releases page for the past releases.

#As a reddit alternative

We have an article detailing how we made decisions to differentiate our project from reddit, and how it may serve as an alternative for some communities.

We are accepting rebranding suggestions.

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