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URL Description
Mitmproxy hacking plugin Mitmproxy hacking plugin with utilities and commands for CTF and such.
rek2_httpserver HTTP server that handles post for data exfiltration.
Masto2Usenet A bot to post Masotodon toots also to a usenet newsgroup.
rek2_nntp Rust library that provides a way to interact with NNTP servers, compliant with RFC 3977 and RFC 4643.
mpd-matrix Integrates the Music Player Daemon (MPD) with Matrix chat.
otx_pulses Talks to the Open Thread Exchange OTX API to get the latest threads/pulses.
lambda-pipeline-autoapproval AWS lambda function that auto approves a AWS pipeline manual step.
whazthefukz A versatile network scanning utility, designed for efficient discovery and analysis of network assets.
ctf_gathering Information gathering Bash tool for CTF boxes.
rek2_endpoint Scans for common endpoints in RESTful services and Swagger applications.
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