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TASK USER1 USER2 Details Done?
update wiki Item2.1 Item3.1 https://man.sr.ht/~rek2/Hispagatos-wiki/2600.md no
update wiki Item2.2 Item3.2 https://man.sr.ht/~rek2/Hispagatos-wiki/hacker_movies.md no
Portal Site ReK2 nobody yet https://portal.hispagatos.org half way
NNTP rust libs ReK2 nobody yet https://git.sr.ht/~rek2/rek2_nntp beta
Masto2Usenet bot ReK2 nobody yet https://git.sr.ht/~rek2/Masto2Usenet alpha
comp.lang.go ReK2 Rayner Lucas https://www.big-8.org/wiki/Nan:2023-07-04-rfd-comp.lang.go yes
comp.lang.rust nobody nobody no detils yet no
hispagatos.* nobody nobody Make the Usenet hispagatos.* hierarchy official yes
innd 2.x server ReK2 nobody Create our own Hispagatos usenet node 90% needs spam filter cleanfeet
Innd Auth PSQL ReK2 nobody https://git.sr.ht/~rek2/nnrpd-password released 1.0
Manuales Usenet Unthoiz nobody ejemplo: https://www.big-8.org/wiki/Getting_Started_with_Usenet yes
Update Mastodon ReK2 nobody ongoing work once a month or so ongoing
mantain maston KillaB33z ReK2 ongoing work to keep server updated ongoing
mobilizon server ReK2 nobody ongoing, rasperry PI updates/upgrades ongoin
Usenet/Dendrite ReK2 nobody ongoing, keep our matrix and usenet server ongoing
Hackernol - Videos ReK2 t1b0 Are we going to continue? do people watch? seasons
Howto IRC-Matrix bridge nobody nobody https://matrix-org.github.io/matrix-appservice-irc/latest/bridged_networks.html show people how to connect to IRC channels from matrix no
INN server cleanfeed ReK2 nobody install https://github.com/crooks/cleanfeed spam filder on our usenet server yes
create wiki for hacking is not a crime activism nobody nobody create a colaborative place where people can add emails/contact and example letters to send regarding hacking is not a crime no
Traducción LFS Unthoiz nobody translation to spanish https://linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/view/stable/index.html ongoing

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