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ErrLess is a stack-based language where every command is only one character long. It was written by me, because my mushy brain doesn't understand parsers that well, so this language is basically meant to be very easy to write an interpreter for.

ErrLess Documentation by RuanP is marked with CC0 1.0

Please note that both the language and the documentation is heavily work in progress and I'm not exactly an experienced documenter, so any help fixing weirdness / inconsistencies / mistakes would be appreciated. Feel free to suggest new commands for the language, keeping in mind that the goal of the language is to be relatively easy to implement. It helps, of course, if your suggestion is also slightly silly, so that the language is a bit more fun.

  • Every command is one character long

  • Was made to be easy to interpret, not to be useful in any way

  • Is turing-complete

  • Any file is a valid program (it just isn't guaranteed to be useful, or to actually do anything)

  • No errors!

    • No need to chase errors all over the internet

    • If your program doesn't work, it just silently continues doing the wrong thing without notifying you

  • Don't even try doing anything useful with it

  • If you start making programs that are long/actually useful, you'll probably start missing errors very quickly


There are installation instructions for the some of the reference implementations in the Getting started section of the documentation, under the heading Getting the interpreter.


If you want to contribute to the documentation, you can visit the repository here.


This is just a pet project, and quite a silly one at that, so I probably won't be spending a lot of time on it. However, if you find a mistake in the documentation, feel free to raise an issue here. If you want to make a suggestion, please visit the mailing list.


The reference implementations are licensed under the Unlicense license.

Any code presented in the documentation, unless otherwise stated, is also licensed under the Unlicense license.

The documentation is licensed under the CC0 1.0 license.


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