Our goal is to be a fully compliant implementation of the GraphQL spec. Non-goals are serializing json, making requests or doing authentication. This should be handled by better suited libraries. However, we do want to be useful in the space of web development, so integrations to hunchentoot, woo, drakma or $LIBRARY will be considered, and possibly made in the future. For the time being the only goal is the spec.


We made some assumptions during development


Descriptions for how we implement the language


  1. exampleapp1
  2. exampleapp2


(gql "{
  user(id: 4) {
    profilepic(width: 100, height: 50)
}" t) ;; this t enables debug mode, printing lots of garbage to stdout

(gql #p"~/path/to/file") ;; you can also just supply a file path

will lex and parse the contents, signaling conditions when there are any. use t as the second argument to gql to print debug information.


Because we return the actual ast as the second value, it is inspectable and modifiable from the repl. I'm not really sure what that can be used to do, but it is fun nonetheless. An example session is:

GQL> (gql #p"~/lol.gql")
"query withFragments {
  user(id: 4) {
    friends(first: 10) {
    mutualFriends(first: \"arst\") {
#<DOCUMENT {700778C7D3}>
GQL> (with-slots (definitions) #v0:1
       (with-slots (name selection-set) (car definitions)
         (setf (name name) "qwfpgjluy")
         (with-slots (selections) selection-set
           (with-slots (selection-set) (car selections)
             (destructuring-bind (first second) (selections selection-set)
               (setf (selections selection-set) (list second))
#<FIELD {700778B583}>
GQL> (generate #v1:0)
"friends(first: 10) {
GQL> (generate #v0:1)
query qwfpgjluy {
  user(id: 4) {
    mutualFriends(first: "arst") {

#Making a request

Use your json library of choice, map over a query either from a file or as a string to the class query, then send it with the appropriate headers. Easy as pie.

(defun make-query (query &optional variables)
   (make-instance 'query :query query)))

(defmethod request (query)
  (format t "~%~a~%"
            :method :post
            :content (make-query (gql query))
            :external-format-out 'utf-8
            :additional-headers `(("Content-Type" . "application/json")
                                  ("Authorization" . ,(concatenate 'string "Bearer "
                                                                   (uiop:getenv "srhttoken"))))))))

Now send the thing:

GQL> (request #p"~/lol.gql")


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