Knock out all of your opponents to win!


Clear lines quickly to send garbage lines to attack your opponents. A garbage line has one hole randomly placed.


Clearing one or more lines will increment a counter by one and add time to a countdown. The counter is reset to zero when the countdown expires.

Two time values are calculated and added to the countdown, base time and bonus time. Base time is 2.4 seconds, and bonus time is half of that. Each time value is halved as the counter increases. Bonus time is multiplied by the number of lines being cleared. It is more effective to start a combo with a multi-line clear.

When at least two lines are cleared, (cleared - 1) lines of garbage are sent. Bonus garbage is sent each time the counter increases.

Counter Base time Bonus time Bonus garbage
1 2.4 1.2 0
2 1.2 0.6 1
3 0.6 0.3 1
4 0.3 0.15 1
5 0.15 0.075 1
6 0.075 0.038 2
7 0.038 0.019 3
8 0.019 0.009 5
9 0.009 0.005 8
10 0.005 0.002 13


Garbage is sent to the opponent who has received the least garbage from anyone.


Any garbage you send will instead remove the same number of lines from your pending garbage, when you have any. Remaining garbage is still sent normally.

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