stick notebooks are git repositories containing Markdown formatted text files.

Notebook initialization

Note that while stick uses git, it is not required to have git installed.

Initialize one or more notebooks, specifying where the repository should be created.

If you would like to use an existing git repository, you may skip this step.

stick init /home/stick/notes/johnsnotes

Configuring stick.yml

stick is configured via ~/.config/stick/stick.yml (or elsewhere when specified with the --config flag)


Used when hashing data (set to a random string)


Serve notebooks on this address (host:port)


List of authors, specified by email and name


List of notebooks, specified by label. Options include:


Path to git repository


List of authors (specified by email) and their access level, which is one of the following:

Including an author named public will share the notebook publicly.

Example stick.yml

# Used when hashing data (set to a random string)
salt: xXxsh3cr3txXx

# Serve notes on localhost only
# Set to :9991 to serve on all interfaces (not recommended, use a reverse proxy instead)
serve: localhost:9991

# Authors are defined by email and name (used when committing)
authors: John Doe Jane Doe

# Notebooks can be shared between authors with varying access levels
# When an access level isn't specified, read-only is assumed
# John's notebook allows read/write access to himself and read-only access to Jane
  John's notes:
    repo: /home/stick/notes/johnsnotes
      - write

  Jane's notes:
    repo: /home/stick/notes/janesnotes
      - write

  Shared notes:
    repo: /home/stick/notes/shared
      - write
      - write

  Public notes:
    repo: /home/stick/notes/public
      - write
      - write
      - public

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