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  1. Arbor Specifications

Arbor Specifications

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commit 0a41a60c21bc80c8c5a6e57e5465dd82b58174ee
Author: Amolith <>
Date:   2020-07-14T23:48:59-04:00

integrate vale

This massive patch attemps to standardise out documentation. For those
unfamiliar with it, Vale is "a syntax-aware linter for prose built with
speed and extensibility in mind" [1]. I built on Vale's
implementation [2] of Google's style guide [3] with specifics for Arbor
and the vocabulary we've started using.


I didn't modify any of the docs that are already written so some of them
will have a ton of errors. Once Arbor's style has been reviewed and a
bit more polished, I'll go through and start implementing the
recommended changes. To that end, install Vale [1], run it on a few
files, and see what the output says. Feedback is welcome.

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